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June 28, 2009

That’s the Way It Goes

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There’s been no swimming here all weekend. Winds are gusting to 40mph, making temps in the low 70’s feel even colder. The warm weather is supposed to return soon…the day after we leave, in fact. *sigh*


June 26, 2009

Back At It

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For those who have been wondering–I am (we are) giving blogging another try. No guarantees, but this time i’ve recruited help in the form of my husband and my son.

We’re at James’ parents’ cabin in Minnesota for a long weekend. James has been here all week working for his dad and will stay for most of next week. The kids and I managed to arrange our schedules to be here with him for awhile. Thankfully, because we’re all getting tired of the single parent thing. T and A are bedded down, and E is curled up reading in a corner. Unfortunately, James got called into the hospital about ten minutes before we arrived, so we haven’t seen him yet. Medical careers and bad timing go hand-in-hand.

June 19, 2009

I’m so proud!

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My son tells me today: “I want to be a girl”.

It could be related to the fact that I just told him he needed a hair cut, he absolutely hates hair cuts, and he has stated that the key difference between boys and girls is that boys get their hair cut.

Or it could be related to the fact that he has been wearing a dress the last couple days…

July 15, 2008

Apologies, Apologies

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I have failed miserably at my end of the bargain with my sister-in-law.  Yes, it’s been more than three weeks since I’ve posted anything here, not because nothing has happened but because lots has happened (not that most of what’s going on is really interesting enough to write about).  I’m also having trouble with the photo situation–James bought a new camera several months ago, and I don’t know how to use it nor the system he’s set up for storing and editing our digital photos.  In addition, I’ve been frustrated by WordPress’ policy of blocking Picasa slideshows on member blogs.  I’ve thought of moving back to my old no-frills blog at Blogger.  Yes, my blogging history reads like a how-not-to-manual for getting and keeping readers–good thing I don’t care about boosting my stats!

When last I spoke, I was getting ready to head down to Florida for a few days.  My friend Rachel and I had a great trip down there visiting another friend, Debbie.  We spent most of our time at the beach; you just can’t beat the color of that Gulf Coast ocean.  The clarity of the water also lends itself to viewing the jellyfish minefield in which you might happen to be swimming (don’t ask me how I know).  I think you can view pictures from the Florida adventure by following this link.

Our Independence Day celebrations were pretty low-key, although we were sure to take in the parade at my hometown as we have for several years.  Twilight found Junior in the audience for his first-ever fireworks viewing.  He wasn’t disappointed (although he was ready for bed long before the show ended).

The big news last week was Baba’s first week at camp.  Actually, he’s the first person in my family for a couple generations to go away to camp (for those of you who don’t know, I’m a second-generation camp brat).  We decided to send him on Sunday night and by 7:30 Monday morning he was sardined into an acquaintance’s van with two other bushy-tailed boys.  I didn’t wonder about him as much as I expected to, perhaps because I was busy with VBS and a visit from Debbie during the week.  His first words to me when I arrived to take him home on Saturday morning: “Can I come back next year?”  I’d say the week was a smashing success.

It seems the only one of the children who isn’t pulling off “firsts” lately is Margie, and with Margie every day is packed with firsts.  😀

I’ll keep brainstorming the photo situation.

June 20, 2008

Weekly Catch-Up

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The first day of summer actually ended up summery here.  With highs near 80, I took the kids out to find pool noodles and miscellaneous floating things, beach towels, etc. for a summer living on the lake.  Today was the first time this year the kids had been in the lake, and their fun was cut short by a fast-moving thunderstorm.  However, we have (hopefully) many warm days ahead to look forward to swimming.

Speaking of swimming, today was the last day of lessons.  Junior and Baba both passed their levels; Margie will be redoing Level 2 (most kids do).  The highlight of the morning was watching Junior jump from the diving board, or rather, being dangled and dropped from the diving board by his swimming instructor.  I also met a mom who lives a few blocks from us–her oldest son is Baba’s age, and the two of them became fast friends the past two weeks.  We look forward to getting to know this family better in the coming months.

Most exciting of all, I have a new nephew today!  My brother and his wife welcomed their first child into the world, and does that kid ever have hair!!!  Take a look.

You probably won’t be hearing from me much in the next week or so.  James and the kids will be in MN at his parents’ cabin all week.  He’s helping his dad provide anesthesia at a nearby hospital, and Grandma & Grandpa K (along with a couple of the older cousins) will be sharing childcare duties while James is at work.  I’m leaving on Monday with a friend to fly to Pensacola for a few days to visit another friend.  This has all come together in the last week and a half, so I don’t think I’ve put it in my Reality File yet.  Hopefully I’ll have some beach pictures when I return.

June 11, 2008

I Must Protest

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I pulled our mail out of the mailbox this morning and noticed a catalog from Land’s End at the bottom of the stack. Nothing unusual. But reading the front cover of this particular piece of advertisement has me scratching my head wondering if went Rip-Van-Winkle for a few months. It says, “Summer’s End Savings Event.”


Did I miss something? Did any of the rest of you living up here notice summer? The Weather Channel tells me it’s 57 degrees outside right now and we can’t hope to expect anything above 70 for a week or so. I suppose this could be September. Somebody straighten me out here.

At any rate, I really don’t feel like buying summer clothing from Land’s End right now.

June 9, 2008

Swimming Lessons

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Today was the long-awaited first day of swimming lessons.  I say “long-awaited” and mean it in two different senses: first, the kids have been counting down the days since we signed up a few weeks ago, especially Junior, who is old enough to join the fun for the first time this summer.  And on that same note, I’ve been looking forward to this particular time in my life for a few years now . . . all children are old enough to be in lessons, so I spend my time reading rather than entertaining a toddler who can’t wrap his (or her) mind around the concept that he is not allowed into the pool with his siblings.

The big news of the day is where Junior ended up in his class.  He is noticeably the youngest participate–most kids in his level range from 4-5–but we knew he was ready for lessons, based on his performance in our bathtub at home and at the hotel pools we’ve visited.  Junior’s instructors lined his class along the side of the pool and asked them to attempted a few skills such as entering the water unaided, kicking feet, paddling hands, etc.  Junior passed all with flying colors, so he ended up in Level 1B with four much-bigger kids.  The top of his head comes to the shoulders of the next-shortest in his class.  He’s thrilled to be out there doing what the big kids do.

June 5, 2008


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I have a new niece, and she has a very interesting birth story.

May 30, 2008

Does This Count?

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Drina, I know I’m supposed to blog something this week. Does it count if I just say that and leave?

Ok, maybe not. To be honest, I’ve thought about blogging at least a dozen times in the past week, but all my ideas require pictures. I can’t remember how to work James’ new fancy-pants camera (nor his fancy-pants photo editing software), so I have to wait until he does it for me. So anyone who wants to complain can go talk to him.

Ok, actually, I haven’t even asked him to provide me with pix yet. I keep forgetting.  (James, if you’re reading this, would you please provide me with some blog-sized pix?  😀 )

But I can tell you that the kids did well at fund-raising for the Bike For Life. They each won the grand prize in their category. Margie came home with a new bike that might fit her by the time she’s 20. Baba also won a bike but traded with the second-place winner for an iPod Shuffle. The iPod winner was a young boy who didn’t appear to know what to do with a digital music player but knew very much what to do with a brand-new bike. And Baba is further along in his quest to become World’s Youngest Teenager. Win-win.

May 19, 2008


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One of Baba’s school assignments this morning was to write a news story based on an event in a book he’s recently read. He chose to write about McBroom’s Wonderful One-Acre Farm, and I thought many of my readers would enjoy it:

Grasshoppers attack local farm

This summer, a swarm of grasshoppers attacked McBroom’s farm. The hoppers ate everything that was green, even the green house. They did this because for some reason they had become very hungry. Besides eating the house, they ate the green peppers that McBroom had grown, so they had to go to a lake in Montana. McBroom found out that they drank the lake dry.

McBroom does have a plan to survive. He’ll be staying at his grandma’s house until his new house that he’s building is finished (and, of course, he’s not going to paint it green). Luckily, none of the family members were wearing that color.

To find out if the swarm is coming your way, go to If they are coming your way, make sure you get rid of all the green things that you can. If there’s something you can’t get rid of, there are a couple things you can do. You can paint it a different color, or you could put sheets over it.

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